Top Five


Social issues refers to events, ideas, opinion, issues, topics or problems that is relevant and in public discourse in our community and present world and ones that many people strive to solve. It affects considerable number of the individuals within a society. These issues profoundly affects our way of life. It is often the consequences of factors  that extend beyond individual’s control.

Contemporary refers to the period from the 20th century up to this present time.

The world is facing a lot of social issues in this current time.

We will look at top five of these social issues in no particular order;


Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. We can also say corruption is an unethical method used by a person to gain advantage over others. Corruption reduces the growth of a nation adversely, it reduces the government income and creates inequality in distribution of wealth. It reflects greed and selfish behaviour. It creates a negative atmosphere, it like a communicable diseases that can be transferred from the mind of one person to another.

  • Whether it is paying bribe to access public services like healthcare or education, it could even be money laundry involving billions and dirty money. What is important is how corruption affects the world today. Corruption can cost your life, your livelihood and your freedom, it can even lead to death, especially when agonizing for what should be rightfully yours. Corruption can cause hardship because one or a few people can decide to hold on to what is supposed to be beneficial to everyone in the society there making others to be at a disadvantage. It erodes democratic freedoms, rule of law and trust in government. Corruption reduces the chances for a healthy environment and sustainable future. When money meant to improve the livelihood of everyone is siphoned. It could be funds for the improvement of health system or even educational system or even money to tackle the climate system.
  • Poverty is one of the social problem facing contemporary society today because people who have money typically has more power in the society. And even most times given special recognition regardless of their moral standing in some cases. Having more power in the society enables you build society to socially construct to enable you to maintain that power. People who have do not have money have less power and are more likely to be at a disadvantage and experience marginalization at the expense of people who have power. Poverty sort of creates inequality in the society. Poverty leads to malnutrition and hardship to the people below the poverty line. Poverty can also increase the number of children out of school in some deprived society where education is not offered free. And this can affect intellectual growth and development in such a community or society.

Immigration is influenced by a number factors. It could be social and political factors like marital status and political violence. Medical services, education and transportation are also part of the reason why some person will want to migrate to go and live in a new or alternative location. One of the biggest dilemmas of immigration is the cultural divide it creates. So many immigrants will like to live in their own community where will feel accepted and not discriminated or stigmatized.  When one migrates to a new destination it is not always task to integrate oneself into the new destination. The quest for better standard of living can also be a factor responsible immigration. Jobs can be one of the reason why people will want to migrate to a new destination. A new migrant, separated from friends and family and that can result into a feeling of loneliness and isolation. When one migrates to a new destination it may not also be easy to connect and network in your new destination.


Another social issue affecting global community is overpopulation. More population means an increased demand for food, water, housing, energy, healthcare, transportation and more, which of course will be survival of the fittest for the limited availability of food and these basic amenities. When a county becomes populated it gives rise to unemployment as there are fewer jobs to support the large number of people. The number of people out of jobs and this can pose a threat to the larger society. It can lead to increase in crime rate as the popular saying goes. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. The idleness of the mind and hands of the population out of jobs especially young people will not mean well for an overpopulated society as they can take to various crimes and drug addictions. Overpopulation can lead to stress and make cohabitation unbearable.


Increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, natural disaster such as heat waves, droughts, earthquakes and floods can increase losses of lives and properties, cause costly disruptions to society and reduce affordability of insurance. Human health is affected by climate change either directly or indirectly through changes in water, air and food. This change can affect food cultivation especially in areas where farming is their predominant occupation. Extreme climate change can lead to death.

People living in low income urban areas with poor infrastructure are more exposed to climate impacts even though they have the likelihood of facing climate change. Climate change can affect workforce availability because not everyone can endure an unbearable weather condition, so some people may not accept or apply for job offers in areas where their climate is unfavourable.

These social issues can affect the progress in a society if not tackled. It prevents society from functioning to its expected level. It can cause distortion and disharmony in living together because of the wide variation it may  create and the diversity of opinions.

Every country in the world faces different social issues. Different individuals and different societies may have different perception about  a problems giving rise to social issues.