Call Tracking

6 Call Tracking Metrics You Should Pay Attention To

Call Tracking:

As a company is rated by its customer support, your call center executives have direct interaction with customers. For both pre and post-sale activities, they are the first point of contact. Because they might inquire about the product before purchase or might come up with an issue after purchasing. Therefore, calls to a contact center can imply the right marketing strategies. Ans, an analysis tool for these inbound calls is a call tracking system.

According to reports, the conversion rate from inbound calls is higher than the same from other sources. But, you must apply the right marketing strategy or sometimes a campaign to handle a specific phone call. Also, you must check whether the client is lost or converted as a result.

Hence, it is all about the quality of the leads. So, it became essential to track the calls in order to ensure whether your service is good or not. For this to be done properly, you need call-tracking software. There are numerous benefits to tracking the customer journey.

Now, you can analyze your service better through the call metrics so that you can enhance your inbound strategy. It can assist your team in enhancing the marketing campaigns and inbound strategy. 

  • Customizing communication
  • Saving time and money while getting prospective leads 
  • Better productivity and customer experience

Below are the 6 essential call metrics that should be measured to improve your company’s inbound strategy;

Call Volume:

The total number of calls a customer service department handles in a given time period of time – call volume. At the basic level, we can consider two types of call traffic for many businesses:

  • Incoming calls are handled by the agent
  • The same is handled by the AI (IVR)

You can see both the above 2 types of inbound calls in this metric. Hence, it defines the number of sales generated by each advertising channel along with the success of particular advertisements. Through this metric, you can analyze the return on investment (ROI) with this call volume information.

The importance of call volume is similar to that of data collection on website visits. It can reveal important call trends. The visitor’s reaction after visiting your website is shown by the number of calls you receive. And, it helps you decide whether to implement them or keep things as they are.

Geometry and Time:

In fact, it needs the expertise to identify the opportunities. Think about the ways to improve the business through call tracking. You would come to know the reasons for the conversions. Also, using the metrics, you can generate more. 

It looks trivial to keep track of the time of day. But, this information is necessary for conducting advertising campaigns whether you are a product producer or a service provider.

If you measure call tracking metrics for a few weeks, you may notice that on weekends, people keep calling more frequently at a point in time.

Now, you make a plan for the rest of the week. Also, you can create a strategy to attract people’s attention on weekends. Therefore, on days with low call traffic, you can change the message or offer special deals to get their attention.

Besides, the same theory holds true in the case of geographical regions. If you come to know the location of the leads, a business manager can adjust his plans accordingly. This is how you can display ads more frequently or less frequently depending on where people are looking.

New Visitors:

Are you receiving a lot of calls every day? It is a good response from the customers. Are you analyzing them?

Remember that these are people who have dealt with businesses before but it might be the first time to come across you. Compared to repeat callers, first-time callers require a unique approach while receiving them. 

Because an old customer is already aware of a particular account manager or an agent. On the other hand, a first-time caller is different so does need unique treatment. 

However, success does not mean just a sound communication style. As an expert in analysis, you must be able to translate caller patterns into data. Your executives can benefit from the information you analyze about these callers.

Cloud telephony allows you to use whisper messages. These are notifications from the manager to inform representatives about what the caller did before dialing the number.

Duration of the Call:

Of course! Call duration is directly proportional to the conversation. The conversion generally increases with time spent communicating. If the customer is not interested in the business, then he will spend as much time talking.

Hence, the agents must try to talk to callers for more time and it should be meaningful. In addition, you must remember that in a business call, you can’t extend your discussion solely for the sake of length.

If it might be a sales presentation or a customer support call; your representative will be able to cover all necessary information if the duration is appropriate. So measure and make an estimate of what to inform the customer and the time needed to complete the presentation. 

Try to make the customers remain engaged and interested and it is possible if the content and duration are balanced. Else, they will be irritated.Call Tracking

Source of the call:

Suppose, you use the same business phone number everywhere such as all of your social media, newspaper, advertising, newsletter, and landing page pages. There would be confusion. You can’t easily figure out the advertising and campaigns that bring in the most calls.

There is a feature named Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) and it can assist in this regard. It uses a distinct call tracking number for each channel. Consequently, the call source becomes clear to you and it allows you to identify the prospect’s source.

Landing Pages:

You should make sure to engage people when they open your landing page. Because people should get in touch with the business in a number of ways.

You can add a contact form to get in touch. Or, you can use the on-site chatbot to start a conversation. Provide a Virtual phone number for the visitors to reach out. Then, track the number of forms and messages left on the online chat, the conversion rate might appear much lower. But, the call following assists you to contrast inbound calls and structure entries. 


To conclude, it is important to understand the actual results of your call tracking and marketing strategy as a whole. The discussed call tracking metrics above such as call volume, first-time callers, duration, time of day, location, and contact source must be put to use so that you can analyze your customers better.

Because watching today’s communications, and call reports add value to your company’s CRM system. Because complex marketing solutions need careful measurements. If you are a business leader and want to know more about advanced calling business phone systems.

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