2024 apple worldwide developers conference

Live updates 2024 apple worldwide developers conference: iOS 18

The 2024 Apple WWDC is here! The tech giant revealed AI, iOS 18, and app redesigns in their keynote speech. Here’s what else they revealed.

Live updates 2024 apple worldwide developers conference: iOS 18

2024 apple worldwide developers conference
2024 apple worldwide developers conference

What comes next? For Apple, Apple Intelligence is synonymous with AI.

At its yearly 2024 apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) , which began on Monday, the tech giant unveiled its upcoming products. These included iOS 18, which will integrate AI and machine learning into software and devices, a revamped Photos app, and an enhanced Siri.

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What was revealed at Apple’s WWDC keynote is as follows:

AI = Apple Intelligencen New Udpates 2024

Apple is embracing the potential of generative models and how Apple Intelligence can improve their current software. Actions between apps will be possible, such as tasks being completed without interruption on your behalf.

Apple introduces its exploration into AI.
Apple introduces its exploration into AI.

In order to give customers more control over their data, the company also unveiled Apple Intelligence privacy safeguards and Private Cloud Compute.

With increased intelligence, Siri will become more “natural, relevant, and personal.” Updates to Siri were demonstrated, showcasing improved cross-referencing capabilities, actionable responses to natural language, and increased user utility. Not just for the iPhone, but also for the Mac and iPad, Siri will be changing.

Live updates from the Apple wwdc 2024 live keynote: iOS 18 coming changes.

Apple wwdc 2024 live
Apple wwdc 2024 live

Apple wwdc 2024 live With features like tone, summaries, and editing, Apple Intelligence can also assist you with proofreading and rewriting your writing in emails and other documents. Additionally, there will be a smart reply choice. Emails will also include summaries and a priority message indicator.

Additionally, Apple and ChatGPT are partners. As a result, Siri may use ChatGPT to augment responses, but it will first request permission from the user.


Apple Intelligence will encompass emoji as well. Natural search language can be used to create these emoji in messages across a variety of themes, concepts, accessories, locations, and more.

Apart from messaging, the Genmoji will be accessible in the Keynote, Pages, and Freeform applications. Additionally, an Image Wand will be accessible in the tool palette of the Notes app. A brand-new app called Image Playground will also be available.

Apple introduced a way to generate emoji based on variables you select, called Genmoji.


There are also several new features in the Sequoia operating system. “iPhone mirroring,” which enables iPhone notifications to appear on Mac alongside Mac notifications, will be a feature of continuity. You can access the Mac version of the iPhone app by tapping on the notification. However, the iPhone will remain locked, preventing anyone from seeing the mirrored content.

Updates for Safari include profiles and translations. Additionally, Apple is introducing a feature called Highlights, which uses machine learning to identify and highlight relevant content while you browse.

Additionally, a redesigned Reader feature that allows for video viewing has been added for their distraction-free option.

Plus, more sophisticated Mac games are on the way. The Mac version of “Assassin’s Creed Shadows,” which comes out later this year, has been confirmed by Ubisoft.

iPadOS 18 New Updates 2024

Several of the changes for iPadOS will be similar to those that were revealed for iOS 18, including smart script, adjustments to the Freeform app, and the iPad version of the calculator app. These changes are in addition to those that were revealed last month. Additionally, they unveiled Math Notes, a tool that uses the Apple Pencil to incorporate mathematical operations into written notes.

The iPad OS update finally brings calculator to the devices with a cool new feature called Math Notes.

WatchOS 11

With the most recent software update, your Apple Watch will have a redesigned watch face, a smarter stack, and additional features to better track your activity level and health.

Additional insights will be available, and you can modify your goals by day of the week as well as the summary tab. A new Vitals app is also being released by Apple.

Machine learning can assist you in selecting the ideal photo from your photos for your watch face.

Apple is adding a new Vitals app for Apple Watch.


Audio and home

Users will be able to recognise actors and view real-time character and song information with InSight, which will be available on Apple TV+. The song is also compatible with Apple Music playlists.

There are Some app changes in iOS 18 for Future Updates 2024

Images. With the “biggest redesign ever” for the photos app, Apple is introducing new smart collections, a carousel, and organisational features like recent days and screen shot sorting.

Words. Users will be able to schedule messages for later delivery, and they will be able to tap back in messages with any emoji or sticker. More tech effects and formatting options for messages, like strikethrough and italics, will be available for any text.

iOS 18

iOS 18, the upcoming operating system for iPhones, will sport a new dark design and enable users to access customisation options such as colour tinting and more. Perhaps the most significant update, though, will be to the control centre, which is getting a makeover and will be open to outside developers.

Users will be able to resize and modify apps, change the lock screen’s settings, reprogramme the action button, and access additional features through a new controls gallery.

Additional privacy-protecting features in iOS 18 include the ability to lock or even hide an app, preventing its contents from showing up elsewhere. Additionally, you can limit or lock access to contacts and accessories.

Vision OS

The first significant software update for the Vision Pro device, called Vision OS 2, was unveiled by Apple.

Train support in travel mode, adjustments for photo and video, and hand gestures for opening the home menu or accessing notifications on the Mac virtual display are just a few of the updates.

Users can use photos that are already in their camera roll to create a spatial photo. They can also share their panorama experiences with other users. Apple claims to be making it easier for users to create spatial content and to record spatial video for their immersive video feature.

Additionally, Canon is going to release a new lens that makes it possible to record spatial video. This autumn, it will be accessible.

Apple wwdc 2024 live Apple TV+

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, began with a TV+ update. In honour of the streaming service’s fifth anniversary, a preview of upcoming projects was presented during the keynote, which included new seasons of “Severance,” “Shrinking,” and movies like “Wolfs,” starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

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