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Top 8 advantages Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provide for Remote Workforce

Remote work is the new present day of life, and various businesses shifted their focus towards Microsoft Cloud Solutions as it has several advantages. Microsoft cloud solutions provided tools and services that support remote work and made it easier for employees to accomplish their tasks.

In this journey, Microsoft plays a prominent role enabling remote work with top priorities including multi-factor authentication, identity & device management. Come, check the top 8 advantages of Microsoft CSP solutions that enable seamless remote work.

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Top 8 advantages of Microsoft CSP solutions for Remote workforce

  1. User identity & access
  2. Multi-factor authentication
  3. Device management
  4. Productivity applications
  5. Collaborations & meetings
  6. Line of Business applications & access
  7. Service monitoring
  8. Culture & change management


User identity & access

  • User identity & access in Microsoft cloud services is all about managing the access with a hybrid environment that aids to retain and expand existing systems while utilizing cloud-based control plane.
  • It enables the workforce to perform with productivity and security with an identity to access the corporate network with a primary account synchronized to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).


Multi-factor authentication

  • Microsoft CSP partners concentrate more on multi-factor authentication to prevent irrelevant access to the data. Multi-factor authentication is essential to access any data on Microsoft cloud services.
  • For instance, if a user connects to the remote through a domain with Microsoft credentials on the managed device, it is said to be transparent.
  • They offer three authentication methods, such as: certificate-backed virtual and physical smart cards, Windows Hello for Business (with PIN or biometric sign-in), and Azure Multi-factor Authentication.


Device managementMicrosoft cloud solution providers

  • Microsoft cloud solution providers manage a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. They are focusing on migrating to a complete cloud-based environment where they can shift using a co-management approach with Microsoft End-point Manager.
  • Microsoft end-point manager plays a vital role in integrating Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager into a single console to manage all the endpoints and applications with security and reliability.
  • For the employees working remotely, Microsoft CSP providers support their own device with self-enrollment, so that users can enroll MEM in order to access the business resources.
  • After enrollment to MEM, it ensures to apply the company policies encrypted with strong passwords, and access to VPN & Wi-Fi.
  • MEM also ensures to check the devices’ compliance status as it processes the authentication.


Productivity applications

  • Productive applications drive the employees of businesses to work with agility. Microsoft cloud solutions encourage large population of remote workers to utilize Microsoft Office 365 services and share files with Office apps across the web, mobile, and desktop, storing the data in the cloud by default.
  • They have deployed devices like Outlook mobile, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive to allow the employees to access their calendars, emails, and other files within the File Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac, and Office Apps on mobile devices.
  • Microsoft CSP services has enabled users to have real-time co-authoring and collaboration within the cloud, which has proved to be essential in a distributed and engaging workforce.


Collaborations & meetings

  • Microsoft Offices 365 cloud services with Microsoft Teams are greatly useful for chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration. For remote workforce, Office 365 cloud services has made them stay productive and up to date at an accustomed digital workspace.
  • Now a days meetings are on with Microsoft Teams, and often with video. The application also provides background filters to cover up the actual background of your area or surroundings.
  • It also provides a recording option where employees can record the session and save it for future use. It also empowers employees to collaborate with self-service within the Teams with security.


Line of Business applications & access

  • There is no doubt that Microsoft has excelled in migrating most business applications to cloud computing.
  • Microsoft cloud services are going to roll out Windows Virtual Desktop and are scaling up to support those devices that developers are going to utilize.


Service monitoring

  • As the employees have started working remotely, service monitoring is essential to ensure everything is working as planned.
  • Microsoft cloud solutions thoroughly monitor application and network performance and they have also built product telemetry monitoring into each solution to check reports for user satisfaction metrics and monitor service behaviour changes.


Culture & change management

  • Remote work has lot of challenges, and maintaining a fraternity among the teams is the priority for any business. There are social engagement programs that help to maintain best practices within the organization.
  • Emphasizing end-user education is important and Microsoft helps towards it with various perks They include:
  1. One who saves files on the cloud can coauthor within the Office 365 product suite. Users must procure individual documents and drafts in OneDrive, where files are private by default.
  2. One can also share links instead of attachments in the email to ensure that everyone is using the latest version of the application.
  3. One is allowed to use Teams completely as virtual office and can hold call and meetings via Teams. Microsoft O365 services allow team level conversations with larger gatherings.



Microsoft CSP solutions is never less to provide full-fledged cloud computing services that benefit businesses at a large scale. Microsoft O365 solutions make the remote workforce comfortable with various applications confronting the ongoing challenges. Microsoft cloud providers are the best while migrating bundle of tasks to cloud with less downtime. Choose the best Microsoft Provider to run a successful business!

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