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Top 5 Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain has marked its importance globally. As the market for cryptocurrency is booming the advancement of blockchain technology with the trade has made people attracted towards the market more.

As the interest is growing many are willing to learn about blockchain. They prefer to trade with blockchain platforms to enjoy efficient and secure transactions. So, here we have analysed the top five blockchain platforms.

Let’s dive in and have the best of blockchain platforms.

Best Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain platforms are decentralised solutions to tracking, documenting and facilitating transactions. The tool creates a public ledger that relies on globally distributed historical data of transactions to prevent frauds.

It’s highly significant for online traders and thus, here we bring them the top five blockchain platforms to simplify their trading.

IBM Blockchain

IBM blockchain is the technology of a pioneer company, IBM. It uses blockchain to create transparent business operations. The blockchain platform of IBM is popular among traders online.

Its private and decentralised blockchain network has been most successful with clients who want less risk. The blockchain tool at IBM was developed to offer flexible functioning and customisation.

The key features of IBM are:


  • Offers 30 day free trial for users
  • Connects with free IBM cloud Kubernetes cluster
  • Open-source and community based platform
  • Has permission network
  • The blockchain platform supports Go and Java programming language


Ethereum is a popular blockchain based platform. It was introduced in 2013 and has established itself well in the market. The platform offers a decentralised blockchain that can be compared with Bitcoin blockchain.

The key strength of Ethereum blockchain is true decentralisation with smart contract support. However, its weakness is slow processing times and higher transaction processing.

Many technologists have adopted Ethereum blockchain to build their decentralised applications. The key features of Ethereum are:


  • Establishes a peer-to-peer network
  • Secure execution of transactions
  • Verifies application codes, smart contractssmooth trading in cryptos

R3 Corda

R3 Corda is widely known as the business oriented open-source blockchain network. The platform can create interconnected blockchain systems that enable transactions that can be carried out safely and confidentially.

The blockchain platform is quite an innovative contract. The firms can deal seamlessly with other firms. Besides, it permits the users to keep a track of the transactions in a shared ledger.

Thus, it eliminates the requirement to participate in double check of their transactions after they engage with one another. The key features of R3 Corda are:


  • Better security
  • An agile and flexible platform
  • Open-source blockchain platform
  • Allows open design and development process


Stellar is a digital technology based payment platform. The platform handels millions of transactions on a daily basis. Traders can enjoy cross-border payments between any two currencies within seconds.

The blockchain platform also resembles other blockchain based coins in various aspects. Also, the Stellar organisation is a non-profit organisation, the Stellar Development Foundation.

The staff of the platform produces programming for the Stellar network. However, the software of the platform is separate from the company. Users can enjoy a range of facilities with the blockchain platform. The features of platform are:


  • Decentralised and open database
  • Takes 2 to 3 seconds for transaction confirmation
  • Allows multiple signatures and smart contracts
  • Has 1% of fixed annual inflation


Tezos is a blockchain platform that was founded by Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman. It was designed to offer safety and correctness of the code for digital assets and high value cases.

The blockchain network is an open-source platform. It is used globally for creation of decentralised blockchain networks. The platform performs peer to peer transactions and can employ intelligent contracts.

The network is self-governing and includes the following features:


  • Works on self-amendment protocol
  • Gives delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and on-chain governance
  • Smart contracts
  • Formal verification


Blockchain technology is at surge and using it for successful trades is the best choice. In the article traders can get familiar with the best available blockchain platforms.

The top five blockchain platforms have unique features that make them stand out of the many available in the market. IBM, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Stellar and Tezos each have various features for smooth trading in cryptos.

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