How to Earn Palworld Points for Ancient Technology

Gathering Ancient Technology Points in Palworld: Effective Techniques

Master effective techniques for gathering Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. Discover tips and strategies to boost your progress and enhance your gameplay.

Gathering Ancient Technology Points in Palworld: Effective Techniques

How to Earn Palworld Points for Ancient Technology
How to Earn Palworld Points for Ancient Technology

Ancient technology points are essential for progression in Palworld. This guide presents effective techniques for gathering these points, allowing you to unlock powerful upgrades and enhance your gameplay.

How to Earn Palworld Points for Ancient Technology 2
How to Earn Palworld Points for Ancient Technology 2


Palworld offers a rich and immersive experience where ancient technology points play a crucial role. These points enable players to upgrade tools, Pals, and other features. This guide outlines effective techniques to gather technology points efficiently.

Exploring Ancient Locations

Discovering Ruins

Ancient ruins are prime locations for technology points. Use in-game maps and NPC hints to locate these sites. Systematic exploration ensures you collect maximum points.

Navigating Challenges

Ruins often feature puzzles and traps that guard valuable relics. Solving these challenges yields technology points. Approach each challenge methodically, using your Pals’ abilities to aid in solving puzzles.

Combat Strategies

Boss Defeats

Boss battles are a significant source of technology points. Prepare thoroughly for these encounters by equipping your best gear and assembling a strong team of Pals. Defeating bosses provides points and valuable artifacts.

Event Participation

Special events often include combat challenges that reward technology points. Participate in these events regularly to earn additional points and exclusive items. Stay updated on event schedules to maximize participation.

Resource Management

Collecting Rare Materials

Gather rare materials from different biomes for crafting advanced items. Use your Pals to collect resources efficiently. Prioritizing valuable materials is crucial for crafting items that yield technology points.

Crafting and Upgrades

Crafting high-tech items using rare materials directly impacts your point accumulation. Prioritize crafting items that enhance your exploration and combat capabilities. Upgrading these items further boosts your efficiency.

NPC Engagement

Completing Quests

NPCs provide quests that reward technology points. Build relationships with NPCs by completing their tasks and engaging with their storylines. This unlocks additional quests and rewards, further boosting your point collection.

Trading Artifacts

Trade artifacts and relics with specialized NPCs for technology points. Focus on trading items that you have in abundance or do not need immediately. This strategy ensures a steady influx of points while preserving essential items.



Gathering how to get ancient technology points palworld involves strategic exploration, combat, resource management, and NPC engagement. By following these effective techniques, you can efficiently gather and use these points to enhance your gameplay. Dive into Palworld, employ these strategies, and harness the power of ancient technology to become a formidable player.

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